Chief of Staff Jack Lew(Georgetown)

• In meetings with top defense and military officials, Chuck Hagel, who has been nominated for Secretary of Defense to the consternation of some, affirmed his support for sanctions against Iran. Hagel also reportedly said that he believes all options, including a military strike, should be kept open. [WaPo]

• As expected, President Obama will name Jack Lew, currently the White House chief of staff, to the post of Treasury Secretary. Lew, an Orthodox Jew, will replace Timothy Geithner, assuming Lew is confirmed by the Senate. [NYT]

• Jacob Silverman takes a sharp look at Jewish culture, its young purveyors, and the distinction of privilege among many of them. It’s an important take on how the media refuses to ask them difficult questions. [Jewcy]

• Outgoing Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak is in Washington, D.C. meeting with key American officials this week, presumably to talk about the lackluster defense of the Washington Wizards. [JTA]

• You too can dress like a “Jewish Grand Rabbi” thanks to a new costume available for purchase at Walmart. [Heeb]