Steven Spielberg in 1978(NYDN)

• Following meetings with various gun-rights advocacy groups, Vice President Joe Biden said that there is a “consensus” emerging on measures for greater gun safety. [WSJ]

• Rabbi Jonah Pesner, a senior vice-president with the Union for Reform Judaism, is considering a run for the Senate seat vacated by Secretary of State nominee John Kerry. Pesner would run as a Democrat. [JTA]

• Surprise, surprise: Steven Spielberg’s film Lincoln led the way with 12 Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture. Daniel Day-Lewis, official man-crush of The Scroll, has been nominated for Best Actor. [NPR]

• Three Austrians were sentenced to jail terms of up to nine years on charges of glorifying Nazism. [NYT]

• Jewcy columnist extraordinaire ‘The BallaBuster’ ponders the upside of turning 30. [Jewcy]