Treasury Department(CNN)

• Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said that no American troops will be sent to Syria to secure the country’s chemical weapons stockpiles should the Assad regime fall. [WT]

• According to the Treasury Department, Iran is finding small ways to circumvent the American-led sanctions against its financial institutions by using private exchange houses and trading companies in other countries. This sounds like the beginning of the plot for the worst movie ever. [NYT]

• New polling shows that a quarter of likely Israeli voters are still undecided about who they will vote for in the upcoming elections. The polls also confirm a steep drop in support for Tzipi Livni. [Times of Israel]

• Pedasi, a burgeoning resort town in Panama, is the product of massive development by Israeli ex-pats. But do they play paddleball on the beaches? [Forward]

• Despite its troublesome shedding, Larry David’s favorite kind of bagel is sesame seed. Poppy seed runs a close second though. [Death & Taxes]