Claire Danes from Showtime's 'Homeland'(AP)

• According to a newly released American report, Iran has set up spying stations in Syria to gather intelligence on Israel. The report suggests that the Iranians are using the information to aid Hezbollah in southern Lebanon. [JTA]

• Speaking on Meet The Press yesterday, former Secretary of State Colin Powell lent his support for President Obama’s nomination of Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense. Meanwhile, Republican Senators on other Sunday morning talk shows aired more concerns about Hagel.[NYT]

• The Israeli-inspired hit show ‘Homeland’ scored big at the Golden Globes last night, taking home the Best Drama, Best Actor, and Best Actress awards. [Times of Israel]

• The AP reports the relationship between President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu. According to experts, the tension between the two leaders has not defused. [AP]

• Heeb has prepared a guide to Street Yiddish in honor of the sequel to cult classic ‘The Hebrew Hammer,’ which is currently in development. [Heeb]