French Troops in Mali Haul a Broken Helicopter(AP)

Fighting between French troops and Islamist terrorists in Mali is intensifying. Following an aerial bombardment by France last week, French President Francois Hollande is fortifying ground troops to battle the rebel groups, which have taken over the northern part of the country. [NYT]

A series of explosions–possibly airstrikes–at a Syrian university in Aleppo, killed at least 87 people yesterday. The city remains split between rebels and forces loyal to the Assad regime. [Reuters]

The Financial Times has a fascinating profile of Sidney Rittenberg, a South Carolina Jew, who was a pariah for aligning with Communists in China and befriending Mao, but has made a fortune advising companies on how to increase their presence in the country. [FT]

Ruth Porat, a former executive at Morgan Stanley, is said to be in consideration by President Obama for the post of deputy Treasury secretary. Porat would be the first lieutenant to White House Chief of Staff Jack Lew. [Bloomberg]

James Deen, everyone’s favorite Jewish adult film star, is now famous for another film, which involves food lust–instead of the other kind. [Jewcy]