Lincoln Square Synagogue(LSS.org)

• In an increasingly comic happening, Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency–the United Nations nuclear watchdog/puppy–agreed to keep talking about talking about allegations that Iran executed tests on nuclear triggers. The IAEA wants to investigate and Iran might just let it, after conditions are set and the two talk parties talk some more in February. [AP]

• Our own Morton Landowne looks back on four decades of life and worship at the trailblazing Lincoln Square Synagogue, which celebrated its last Shabbat last weekend before moving to a new location. [Jewish Week]

• Actor Ricky Sekhon writes humorously on what it feels like to play the character of Osama Bin Laden in Kathryn Bigelow’s Oscar-nominated action/torture flick “Zero Dark Thirty.” [NYT]

• Mariah Carey drops some ivrit to an Israeli performer on American Idol last night. The always reliable Stephanie Butnick has the scoop. [Jewcy]

• Google has added hundreds of Israeli cities, tourist attractions, and street view images to its worldwide maps collection. The expansion comes after months of negotiations with the Ministry of Justice. [TechCrunch]