Etgar Keret Reads To Me(Adam Chandler)

• Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, hoping to staunch a final slide before elections, vowed on Friday that he wouldn’t demolish any West Bank settlements if re-elected. [Times of Israel]

• House Republicans have agreed to raise the debt ceiling limit for three months after a series of intra-party negotiations. [NYT]

• Disgraced Dior designer John Galliano has reemerged! He will be working for a stint in Oscar de la Renta’s studio, which the ADL has signed off on. [Jewcy]

• Anne Cohen reports on the tribulations of Gene Rosen, a Jewish resident of Newtown, Connecticut, who took in students who fled the school shooting at Sandy Hook elementary and has been targeted by conspiracy theorists. [Forward]

• Check out (Tablet contributor) Etgar Keret’s new project “Storyvid”–which combines text and video. The project will be competing in Sundance and it’s pretty sweet. [Facebook]