Iron Dome battery.(IDF)

• President Barack Obama plans to host a meeting–perhaps they could call it a “fear summit”–between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas when Obama is in the region next month. [Times of Israel]

• Rabbi Andy Bachman takes a look at the furor over the Brooklyn College BDS scandal and sees little reason to get worked up. [Rocks Over Water]

• Citing security concerns, the Israeli Defense Forces have ordered closed the Haifa airport and evacuated all aircraft as the situation in Syria deteriorates. Also, the third Iron Dome battery was moved to the north of the country. [Israel Hayom]

• Kosher mailmen? The United States Postal Service has cut its Saturday delivery, which means that perhaps routes can open up for Jews who observe the Sabbath? [NYT]

• Owner Adam Weprin says that the Bridge Cafe, one of Ed Koch’s favorite restaurants and Manhattan’s oldest surviving tavern, is looking to rebuild after Hurricane Sandy badly damaged the old building. [Grub Street]