(Itay Sikolskii)

We’ve all heard the tall tales about what goes on at Google offices across the world: Free filet mignon lunches with pearl-handled knives and vanilla pudding crushed straight from the stalks of French Polynesia. And what of the free massages and yoga classes and live Coldplay concerts?

Offices that are left exhilarated by the prospects of free misordered Chinese food thumb our collective noses at such silliness. Who would ever want to work at such a ridiculous place? Where you work in robes while servants wash your clothes and having work meetings in milk baths. I used to say Not me! Never me! until I saw pictures of the Google offices in Tel Aviv.

There are trees, picnic tables, and wild design all over the place. It’s a touch cluttered in spots, but overall really nice. The office is being used for sales, marketing, and engineering. It takes up seven of eight floors of the building.

Can anybody teach me how to code?

Check Out Google’s Crazy New Offices In Tel Aviv [Business Insider]