• We took a brief look at the history of Jewish players in the Super Bowl including some of the Jewish themes and ads of this year’s big game.

• Natalie Schachar reported on the impressive American debut of the blind-deaf Israeli acting troupe Nalaga’at.

• The Scroll was in attendance at the funeral of former New York City Ed Koch.

• Inspired by a Tablet article about the kosher Philby’s Partridge, we devised a recipe to cook the delicious endangered bird.

• Yair Rosenberg took a look at the real aims of the BDS movement as misinterpreted by New York Times and MSNBC

• After learning of his Jewish roots, we jammed out to Bob Marley a little bit and asked readers to submit their own Jewish Bob Marley song titles.

• Following some troubling news, The Scroll rounded up stories about the rising anti-Semitism in France.

• We turned our gaze to the leader of the Germany Green Party Claudia Roth, who shared a very strange social gesture with the Iranian ambassador to Germany.

• As it turns out, the controversial GoDaddy.com Super Bowl ad featuring Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli did wonders for the GoDaddy’s business numbers in the days following the Super Bowl.

• Natalie Schachar gave us a dispatch from the BDS panel from Brooklyn College, where a number of Jewish students say they were removed from the event by campus police for no reason.