Menachem Froman.(NYTimes)

• Menachem Froman, the West Bank settlement leader and rabbi, has passed away at age 86. The influential rabbi led interfaith efforts between Israelis and Palestinians and reached out to members of Hamas. [Times of Israel]

• Anti-Semitic, racist, and homophobic graffiti? Kids dressed up as Klan members? Oberlin College has got a brave new marketing technique or a big problem. The school believes it’s the latter and has canceled classes to hold a day of solidarity following a series of disturbing events. [JTA]

• What do you know about Ruth Bader Ginsburg? Chances are, Jeffrey Toobin knows more. He’s got a lengthy look at the pioneering justice for The New Yorker. [TNY]

• Oliwia Dabrowska, the actress who once played the girl in the red coat from the famous scene in Schindler’s List, broke a promise to director Steven Spielberg to not watch the film until she was 18. According to a report, the actress saw it when she was 11 and was traumatized. [Guardian]

• Over at Jewcy, Jillian Schienfeld talked to Ben Hoffman, the Southern Jew responsible for the new Comedy Central series “The Ben Show.” [Jewcy]