Locusts Strike Israel.(GardenForum)

• Julio Acevedo, who was reportedly involved in a hit-and-run in Brooklyn that killed a Satmar couple and their unborn baby, was arrested by police in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania today. [Reuters]

• A convey of United Nations peacekeepers were seized by Syrian rebels in an effort to convince Syrian dictator Bashar Assad to remove troops from a rebel-controlled area in the Golan Heights. [Reuters]

• You think you’ve got a lot to do before Passover? One million locusts have descended upon southern Israel after spending some time in Egypt, traveling north as far as Tel Aviv and causing thousands of residents to seal their homes. [JTA]

• Nora Ephron’s son Jacob writes about his mother’s illness, her final years, and her final play in a touching piece for the New York Times Magazine. [NYTM]

• Egg salad frittata is the latest twist in Jewcy’s ‘Not Your Bubbe’s Recipe’ series. The secret is thinly-sliced fennel. [Jewcy]