We’ve all been there, haven’t we? All of the sudden, just like that, it’s erev Rosh Hashana, and you realize you forgot to pay the synagogue dues and therefore never got your tickets in the mail. The synagogue office is already closed for the holiday, so you can’t make a last-minute payment and pick up tickets, and so you won’t be able to show up to daven. (Well, of course, you could, because you know from experience you can totally outfox those alter kockers from the Men’s Club who work as ushers and sneak in while they’re not paying attention. But that’s a little tacky, no?) What, oh what, is a good but absent-minded Jew to do? Thank goodness, then, for a press release we’ve just received from OurJewishCommunity.org, apparently “the world’s first progressive online synagogue,” according to the release. They’ll be offering a live Internet stream of High Holiday services from Congregation Beth Adam in Cincinnati. There’ll be an erev Rosh Hashana service, a Rosh Hashana morning service, a Kol Nidre service, a Yom Kippur morning service, and a Yizkor service, all easily viewable from the comfort of your computer desk. It’s free, too—but, as the press release also informs us, they’re very happy to accept your donations. Which you can pay online, as last-minute as you’d like.

OurJewishCommunity.org [Homepage]