Israeli Police Investigate Where a Qassam Missile Fired from Gaza Struck This Morning(AlJazeera)

• Four Kassam missiles were fired from Gaza this morning, one of which landed in the yard of a house in Sderot. I wonder if Hamas knows that President Obama is visiting the West Bank today? [ToI]

• President Obama met with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas today in Ramallah. The two men reaffirmed their belief in the two-state solution with Obama saying that a freeze in settlement building not be a precondition for peace talks. [JTA]

• Now for something completely different: Apparently, the United States Secret Service almost shot Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad by accident in New York back in 2007. [Atlantic]

• After 71 years of New York living, 30 Rock star and cabaret institution Elaine Stritch has announced that she’s going back to her home state of Michigan. But not before one last performance. [NYT]

• NPR takes a look at the return of lard and schmaltz as old-new staples in the kitchen. A post-Passover cornbread recipe is included. [NPR]