• Gal Beckerman writes smart on why President Obama’s Jerusalem speech was historic. [Forward]

• An influential imam named Mohammad Said Ramada al-Bouti was killed in the bombing of a mosque in central Damascus that took the lives of 42 people and wounded scores. The cleric was seen as one of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad last major Sunni backers. [NYT]

• The story behind the wild gift made for President Obama by the Technion in Israel. In case you missed it, it is a nano-chip set on a Second Temple-era Jerusalem stone inscribed with the Israeli and American declarations of independence. [TV]

• The Onion takes a smirking look at Birthright-like lovefest between President Obama and Israel. [Onion]

• Chavie Lieber profiles actor Ben Feldman, who channels an upstart Brooklyn Jew as the sole Jewish copywriter on the hit show Mad Men. [JTA]