Whether anyone realizes it or not, Bob Dylan’s song “Blowin’ in the Wind” was released 50 years ago. Maybe let that fact settle in for a minute. (To help, here’s a clip of Bob Dylan doing the song in full Gutherie on television in March 1963.)

Since we’re talking about covers of classic songs written by Jewish musicians today, I thought this video (h/t Lahav Harkov) of Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul, and Mary fame) and Israeli Member of Knesset Stav Shaffir (of Israel’s 2011 J14 social protests fame) would dovetail nicely.

I imagine some would say the song’s lost its luster over the years as it came to resemble a hammy representation of a erstwhile era (see: Gump, Forrest), but for whatever reason, that didn’t stop me from enjoying this. Plus MK Shaffir’s got a nice voice and Peter does good work here.