• A poll of 500 Holocaust survivors in Israel show that 92% of them believe that Israel isn’t doing enough to assist them financially. There are 192,000 Holocaust [JTA]

• 44 people were killed and over a 100 more were injured during a brazen Taliban attack on an army compound in western Afghanistan earlier today. [NYT]

• An investigation reveals that the City of Amsterdam fined its Jewish citizens while they were either hiding or in concentration camps for failing to pay their taxes. [JTA]

• The Times looks back on the media coverage of World War II and examines how it and other media outlets could have done more to raise awareness about the Nazi atrocities against the Jews. [NYT]

• ‘Counting the Omar,’ a mash-up between The Wire‘s Omar Little and the actual Counting of the Omer. Jewcy has the scoop. [Jewcy]