‘Local Boy Makes Good’ is a mantra with a shelf life. At a certain point, anyone is tempted to say: Okay. We get it. Local boy made good.

This may be the case for Seinfeld, which after 15 years has just had its syndication re-upped for the FIFTH time. Its newest deal will mean that the show, which has yet to hit iTunes and or sell its international rights (although, let’s be honest about that…), has now breaching the $3 billion mark in syndication alone.

I guess there’s still a place in the American heart for a show that’s about nothing. The Talmudic disquisitions on life, religion, social graces, and other matters have remained current, even as the fashion has faded been blocked out. The ideas resonate too. Rachel Shukert still believes that Larry David isn’t neurotic and finds a modern model for living in him. Howard Kleinman recently described his troubles with dating Jewish women as a series of Seinfeld episodes. Liel Leibovitz sees the value in the ‘Seinfeld’-based holiday Festivus that draws flattering parallels to Christopher Hitchens.

Now each of those 180 episodes is worth $17 million a pop. Or $400 million to each co-creator Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld. If you hate doing math, Slate has put together a nifty video explaining the whole deal:

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