Leipzig, Germany.(Flickr)

• A diplomat from the six member P5+1 group, which recently ended negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program, said that the despite the lack of progress in the negotiations, he saw enough common ground to be optimistic about the future of the talks. [JPost]

• The President of the Union of Religious Communities in Poland says that due to Poland’s ban on ritual slaughter, the country’s supply of kosher meat will only last another month. [JTA]

• Sara Greenberg has a moving essay about teaching young students about the Holocaust and her grandfather’s unlikely job in Auschwitz–a gardener. [ToI]

• Miriam Krule writes about living in Germany and her favorite Holocaust memorial in Leipzig, which features 140 empty chairs on a raised platform. [Slate]

• Jewcy uncovers a pernicious attempt by one college fraternity to demystify the art of talking to Jewish girls. [Jewcy]