Listeners in the know tune into our Vox Tablet podcast, which spans the globe each week in search of a good story.

From the artistic, the religious, the comical, and the political to the improbable, the impossible, the controversial, there are no barriers. Vox Tablet is, indeed, the voice of Tablet. Naturally, we’re quite proud to announce that Vox Tablet has been nominated for a prestigious Webby Award in the Radio & Podcasts category.

As a testament to our quality, we’re up against some heavyweights including The New Yorker, Penguin Press, CNN, and HowStuffWorks. The Webby Awards will choose their winner, but there is also a People’s Voice Award that lets listeners vote for their favorite podcast.

Being coy isn’t what got us here, so we’re asking you to cast a vote for us. The story of the Jewish people is that of the underdog. It’s only fitting that the underdog should win here too.