J.D. Salinger(Getty)

• Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the deceased suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing, was reportedly influenced and steered toward radical Islam by a mysterious man named Misha, who convinced Tsarnaev to give up boxing. [AP]

• The letters of Jerome David Salinger, known by most as J.D., but unknown by most because of his reclusive nature, is the focus of an exhibit at the Morgan Library. [NYT]

• Ken and Daniel Hechtman were on their way home from a Kosher diner when they saw a car crash and an explosion. The two acted quickly and saved four lives by pulling them from the burning wreckage. JTA has the story. [JTA]

• Miriam Shalev takes a long look at the anti-Semitic speeches of members of the British parliament and gauges their impact. An interesting read. [ToI]

• Ryan Lochte. Olympic gold medalist. Talmudic sage? Jewcy things so. [Jewcy]