Vox Tablet Host Sara Ivry.(Katie Merz)

Len Small, part of our Tablet mispucha who is the art director at the brand-new swellness that is Nautilus Magazine, recently told us about a new series by the artist Katie Merz, in which she sketches portraits of NPR radio show hosts based solely on the sounds of their voices. (The whole series is here and features a few familiar names from our Vox Tablet archives here.)

Naturally, we thought our Vox Tablet host Sara Ivry, who has a magical voice, would yield a worthy artistic rendering and so we asked Katie to indulge us. And indulge us, she did.

What you see above a bit of her sketch of Sara from voice alone. (I think another good challenge would be a portrait of Sara based on her Twitter voice where she ably holds court with the best of ’em.)

Check out the whole series!