Back in December, the awesome blogger at proposed a GPS system for the ultra-Orthodox that would steer drivers clear of “untznius [immodest] billboards, strip clubs, movie theaters, kosher style restaurants with unreliable hechsherim [certifications], and modern orthodox neighborhoods where married so called ‘frum women’ do not cover their hair.” And, to replace the “voice of the robot woman which has caused so many men to to sin and lose concentration,” he suggested this dream scenario: “Imagine if the person giving you directions was none other then your favorite Rebbe.”

Well, today he announced that Israeli company Mio Technology has introduced a “kosher GPS system” called Mio Ma’amin, complete with listings for kosher restaurants and points of interest for religious drivers. The device also offers a Hebrew calendar and recites prayers—in a man’s voice, of course, although so far, no Rebbes—and has been officially blessed by Chief Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau.