• In a state-of-the-industry article about Jewish journalism, one editor flatters his readers—“the most incredible, literate, active, involved demographic”—perhaps hoping to keep them hooked. (Let us know if it works.) [JPost]
• Anyone tired of being indignant about President Obama’s selection of Mary Robinson for the Freedom Medal can turn their ire on Australia, which has just awarded a peace prize to John Pilger, a journalist who has drawn parallels between Israel’s treatment of Palestinians and the Holocaust. [JTA]
• Media mogul Mort Zuckerman, who lost $30 million to Madoff, has withdrawn his funding from a scholarship program at NYU. [Gawker]
• A conservative rabbi in Georgia is “not thrilled about” his state’s kashrut laws, which require Orthodox standards, making his certifications criminal acts. A supervisor from Atlanta’s kashrut authority doesn’t understand why anyone—apparently including himself—would care about a law he calls “toothless.” [JTA]