Gary Shteyngart.(NYDN)

• In this week’s New Yorker, Gary Shteyngart gives us a little glimpse into his life, a love affair, and his writing. [TNY]

• Jewcy writes on the women of the IDF, who cannot seem to stop taking half-naked pictures of themselves. [Jewcy]

• A New Jersey man dons a Nazi uniform at the custody hearing for his son Hons (as opposed to his other son, whom he named Adolf Hitler. [Gawker]

• Ezekiel Emanuel has an easy way to prevent suicides by pill overdose: change the packaging and stop selling 50-pill bottles of Tylenol. [NYT]

• Eli Valley responds to criticism of his recent cartoon, which was critical of the response to Stephen Hawking’s boycott of Israel, which was critical of Israel. [Forward]

• Former Scroller Marc Tracy reviews Phil Jackson’s new book over at the New York Times. [NYT]