Southwest Airlines.(Wikimedia)

• More than 100 students from Brooklyn’s Yeshiva of Flatbush and their teacher chaperones were kicked off a Southwest airplane from New York to Atlanta yesterday for allegedly unruly behavior. [CNN]

• What makes a Jewish mother? With surrogacy and egg donors, that question can get complicated. [NYT]

• Why so bored, Anthony Weiner? The mayoral hopeful was checking his BlackBerry throughout the most recent mayoral debate. [BuzzFeed]

• The Israeli start-up OrCam is helping the visually impaired see correctly with their small camera and computer-based device. [NYT]

• Prague’s Jewish museum, which closed to prepare for potential flooding damage from the heavy rainfall throughout the city, has reopened. [JTA]

• Watch Israeli Education Minister Shai Piron inexplicably crack up while saying ‘penentration’—at the Knesset. [Haaretz]