We’re always working to make Tablet Magazine more useful for you, our readers.

Sometimes that means publishing a brilliant writer; sometimes that means assigning an untold story; sometimes that means inaugurating a new feature. And sometimes that means overhauling Tabletmag.com.

Today we’re introducing a new look, most pronounced on our homepage. Created by our original designers at Project Projects, today’s redesign reflects recent trends in online publishing, data we’ve gathered on our readers’ habits, and things you told us in last winter’s Reader Survey that you like and don’t like.

We’ve added much more space to our headlines, so we can more clearly tell you what a story is about before you click on it. We’ve made The Scroll more prominent on our homepage, and also on all the inside pages, to make sure you’re always seeing our source for the most up-to-the-minute coverage and analysis. We’ve moved the “Most Popular on Tablet” unit higher on all our pages, because we’ve seen that you love to see what others are reading, and we’ve also made the “Have You Read?” box much more prominent on the homepage, so you can more easily view our editors’ recommendations for not-to-be-missed stories.

The most remarkable finding in the Reader Survey—and a very gratifying one—was that a great number of you value Tablet so much that you wanted to be able to contribute toward the cost of producing our great journalism. Starting today, you can. There’s now a link in the upper-right corner of each page that will direct you a new fundraising campaign and give you an opportunity to make a donation.

We think these changes are another step in producing an ever-better Tablet, and we hope you’ll like them. If you have any comments or concerns, please feel free to contact me at joxfeld@tabletmag.com or our editor-in-chief, Alana Newhouse, at anewhouse@tabletmag.com.

Thanks for reading,

Jesse Oxfeld