A picture taken on February 24, 2011 shows a Israir company plane preparing to land at the airport in the centre of the Israeli Red Sea resort of Eilat.(JACK GUEZ/AFP/Getty Images)

• A U.S. military plane flying from Bahrain to Jordan mistakenly tried to land at Eilat Airport instead of Aqaba’s King Hussein International Airport, nearly hitting an Israeli commercial flight that was landing in Eilat. [Times of Israel]

• Jonah Lehrer threw up after learning that his fabrications and falsifications had been discovered—and then wrote a book proposal about it. [NYT]

• The latest willing participants on Lifetime’s improbable reality show Celebrity Wife Swap? Joan and Melissa Rivers, who will reportedly swap lives with Bristol and Willow Palin. [USA Today]

• You can rent Steven Spielberg’s massive Malibu compound this summer for only $125 thousand a month. [Curbed]

• Tablet contributor Eddy Portnoy is being honored with an Acker Award for non-fiction tonight. [Acker Awards]

• Just in time for summer, New York City’s first kosher burger truck, Grill On Wheels, has hit the road. [Koshertopia]