Rachel Parry-Dixon(David Reid, Flickr)

For Rachel Parry-Dixon, who’s modeled since she was a young girl, Playboy was always the dream, though as she told me over the phone, “little girls don’t exactly run around saying they want to be in Playboy.”

It’s finally happened for Parry-Dixon, 24, who graces the cover of the May/June issue of Playboy Israel. With a seriously thick Australian accent, she’s quite obviously not Israeli (unlike the magazine’s first cover model, Nataly Dadon). She arrived in Tel Aviv three years ago, almost accidentally, on a backpacking trip with friends. She decided to “give it a go,” as she put it, vowing she would head back to Sydney the moment she stopped having fun—“But that hasn’t happened yet.”

Now in its third issue, Playboy Israel hasn’t been met with the staunch criticism that some expected. In fact, the magazine has been getting positive reviews, which Dixon said may be because the Israel version of Playboy isn’t as raunchy as it is in other counties; the nudity is more “artful,” she told me.

People aren’t usually reading Playboy for the articles (I recently shared an airport gate with a man holding his issue sideways as he ‘read’ with fervor), but the Israeli version is supposedly filled with local and international content. Even so, I’m pretty sure that whatever hard-hitting journalism is in that third issue will have some trouble competing with Parry-Dixon’s photo shoot. Here she is in an Israeli interview—there’s some Hebrew, but Parry-Dixon is all Anglit.

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