• An Egyptian diplomat says President Hosni Mubarak, who is visiting the United States, will tell the White House that Israel needs to make the first “tangible” move toward peace before other Arab countries will begin to normalize relations. [NYT]
• Mike Huckabee has come out in support of the Israeli settlements, saying he disagrees with President Obama and his supporters “who would want to tell Israel that it cannot allow people to live in their own country, wherever they want.” [AP]
• A Jewish group accused the prince of Lichtenstein of attempting “to use the Holocaust as a defence for the prince’s political failures” by telling a local paper that his country’s secret banking policies, now under attack, helped save Jews. [Reuters]
• In a confusing move, the British firefighters’ union wants a boycott of relations with the Israeli fire department, after the two recently joined to form the International Fire Fighter Unions Alliance. [JPost]
• The 250-odd remaining Jews in Yemen have had it with persecution and are preparing to flee to the United States and Israel. [JPost]