Davis, left, greets another Fatah member yesterday.(Abbas Momani/AFP/Getty Images)

Fatah, the Palestinian political party that governs the West Bank, elected its first Jewish-born government official last week. Uri Davis, who’s now a member of Fatah’s Revolutionary Council, was born in mandate Palestine and inherited British citizenship from his father, but describes himself as “a Palestinian, Hebrew, of Jewish origin, anti-Zionist, a citizen of an apartheid state called the State of Israel and citizen of an alleged constitutional monarchy that goes by the name the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland,” the Guardian reports. Davis, a professor at the Palestinian university Al-Quds, is married to a Palestinian woman and is registered with the Israeli government as a Muslim. According to Haaretz, he was recruited into Fatah by a PLO leader in the 1980s. “I wasn’t convinced that the Israeli left-wing parties were satisfactory because all of them are Zionist parties,” he told the paper. Davis ran for his Revolutionary Council position by promising to help strengthen the party’s international ties.

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