Delicious-looking Pretzel Challah.(The Shiksa in the Kitchen)

Yesterday we brought you the traumatic news of Zomick’s serious pest problem, today we bring you five reasons to love the bread of the Jewish people. Keep the faith, y’all. The challah will rise again!

1. It’s versatile: Challah can be turned into bread pudding, french toast, kugel, and poppers. POPPERS, you guys.

2. It’s sexy! Your kids are probably doing it right now, in a truck, late at night.

3. Uri Scheft, master baker and proprietor of the uber-hip Bread’s Bakery in Union Square, says it was one of his earliest inspirations: “My mother was a kindergarten teacher who baked challah every Friday, and I was inspired by her baking skills.” Let that image replace this stomach-churning one.

4. It’s easy to make: Leah Koenig has an autumnal, pumpkin-y interpretation; Jessamyn Waldman’s sephardic version, flavored with carraway and anise, also looks great; this time-saving recipe over at Food52 does most of its rising in the fridge, overnight. If that’s not enough, Mark Bittman has a recipe too, naturellment; and our own Joan Nathan’s favorite is up at the New York Times (designer Zac Posen loves it). Or you can just let The Google be your guide.

5. Challah is more than bread: it’s history and family. Read about Carol Ungar’s moving quest to rediscover the recipe for the sourdough challah her grandmother made before she died in the Holocaust: “I wanted to stretch my muscles, dirty my fingers, and knead my prayers into my dough as I imagined my grandmother had done.”

Be strong-stomached and of good courage, everyone. And don’t forget to #ChallahBack.