Five Reasons to Love Challah Again

Reclaiming the bread of the Jewish people after Zomick's gross-out news

By Elissa Goldstein|July 12, 2013 4:28 PM

Yesterday we brought you the traumatic news of Zomick’s serious pest problem [1], today we bring you five reasons to love the bread of the Jewish people. Keep the faith, y’all. The challah will rise again!

1. It’s versatile: Challah can be turned into bread pudding [2], french toast, kugel [3], and poppers [4]. POPPERS, you guys.

2. It’s sexy! Your kids are probably doing it right now, in a truck [5], late at night.

3. Uri Scheft, master baker and proprietor of the uber-hip Bread’s Bakery [7] in Union Square, says it was one of his earliest inspirations: “My mother was a kindergarten teacher who baked challah every Friday, and I was inspired by her baking skills.” Let that image replace this [8] stomach-churning one.

4. It’s easy to make: Leah Koenig [9] has an autumnal, pumpkin-y interpretation [10]; Jessamyn Waldman’s sephardic version [11], flavored with carraway and anise, also looks great; this [12] time-saving recipe over at Food52 does most of its rising in the fridge, overnight. If that’s not enough, Mark Bittman has a recipe [13] too, naturellment; and our own Joan Nathan’s favorite [14] is up at the New York Times (designer Zac Posen loves [15] it). Or you can just let The Google [16] be your guide.

5. Challah is more than bread: it’s history and family. Read about Carol Ungar’s moving quest [17] to rediscover the recipe for the sourdough challah her grandmother made before she died in the Holocaust: “I wanted to stretch my muscles, dirty my fingers, and knead my prayers into my dough as I imagined my grandmother had done.”

Be strong-stomached and of good courage, everyone. And don’t forget to #ChallahBack. [18]

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