When I started grad school at Sarah Lawrence College, truly the start of any terrible story, Rahm Emanuel just been named Chair of the House Democratic Caucus following a successful stint at the DCCC. At the time, Rahm wasn’t nearly as famous as his brother Ari, upon whom a television character had been based in HBO’s all-male version of Sex and the City. But on the verdant campus grounds of the Scary Larry, Rahm was better known; he embodied liberal politics and sported a swagger that few Democrats in the Bush era could pull off. He was also a famous alum of the school, having famously majored in dance.

Flash forward half a dozen years, Rahm has served as President Obama’s first White House Chief of Staff, where he distinguished himself by confronting congressmen while naked in the locker room of the congressional gym, before being electing the first Jewish mayor of Chicago. (In an act of mercy, Entourage is off the air.)

His first term has had its share of ups and downs, but perhaps none more hypnotic than Emanuel cutting the rug at the Taste of Chicago Festival last week. Below is a (very amateur) video of an unsuspecting Rahm slowly building into the groove as Robin Thicke performs his terrible-but–undeniably-listenable summer jam “Blurred Lines.”

I’m sure Rahm would give us a better showing if he knew a camera were on him. But for now, the onus is on him to prove us wrong.