Rick Cohen, left with wife, Jan, center and daughter Rachel, right, is a hidden billionaire(Facebook)

A strange, but true story from Bloomberg today and, of course, picked up by the Jew-spotters at the Daily Mail tells the story of the Hidden Billionaire Richard B. Cohen. Despite being one of the 100 richest men in the world (and the second-richest in New England), Cohen lives in Keene, New Hampshire, where he runs C&S Wholesale Grocers, a company started by his grandfather Israel some 95 years ago. C&S is now the largest wholesaler in the world.

The company had sales of $21.7 billion in 2012, distributing more than 95,000 products to 4,000 supermarkets from Maine to Hawaii. Cohen is the business’ sole owner, Granger said. He has a net worth of $11.2 billion, according to the Bloomberg index, and has never appeared on an international wealth ranking — a status one associate said suits him just fine.

He works in an office park, his company trucks are unmarked, and he hasn’t given a public interview in over a decade. According to reports, he’s hardly a recluse.

‘You’ll run into Rick and Jan at the grocery store in Keene and at a show in the Colonial Theater downtown,’ said Keene Sentinel executive editor Paul Miller, who previously coached one of Cohen’s daughters at soccer.

Bloomberg tells you how he did it. The Daily Mail tells you how he keeps it real. I am working on his tracking down one of his daughters and asking her out, so be on the look for my definitive profile of Cohen soon.