Palestinian mourners carry the bodies of Jihad Aslan, 20, who was killed alongside two fellow Palestinians during clashes with Israeli security forces in the West Bank's Qalandia refugee camp on August 26, 2013.(AHMAD GHARABLI/AFP/Getty Images)

Palestinian negotiators have called off the next planned round of peace talks Monday in response to an arrest raid on a West Bank refugee camp that turned violent, leaving three Palestinians dead and more than a dozen injured, the AP reports.

According to the New York Times, the raid was the deadliest in months. An Israeli military statement said security forces entered the Qalandia refugee camp to arrest a person identified as a “terror operative” when hundreds of residents began to throw rocks and firebombs at them. Soldiers were called in, and security personnel “resorted to using live fire in self-defense.”

Witnesses in the camp said that a unit of special forces had intended to arrest Yusuf Khatib, who was released last year from an Israeli prison. Mr. Khatib tried to flee to a neighbor’s house, the witnesses said, and residents began throwing rocks, firebombs, bricks and iron bars at the forces and the troops who arrived in Jeeps to reinforce them. Hundreds of residents then came out of their homes and joined the riot, eyewitnesses and the military said.

Palestinian officials says talks could resume as early as Tuesday. We’ll update you as we hear more.

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