Benjamin Disraeli in the 1860s.(London Stereoscopic Company)

• Israel’s security cabinet has approved a limited call-up of several thousand reserve soldiers in response to a possible U.S strike on Syria. So far a few hundred soldiers have been called up. (You can follow Tablet’s developing Syria coverage here.) [Times of Israel]

• Newly-released documents show that the NYPD has been designating entire mosques as terrorist organizations since 9/11, allowing police to spy on mosque goings-on without proof of a specific threat. [AP]

• The UN nuclear agency reports that Iran has increased its supply of uranium enriching machines. New talks between the International Atomic Energy Agency and Iranian experts have been scheduled for Sept. 27. [Times of Israel]

• The newest BuzzFeed community contributor? The Israeli Embassy. In clickable BuzzFeed fashion, their first post is called “Threats Facing Israel, Explained In One (Sort Of Terrifying) Map.” [BuzzFeed]

• Lizzie Skurnick has gone from championing young adult literature to re-releasing her favorite classics under a new publishing imprint. [Forward]

• Benjamin Disraeli, sartorial statesman? “He was extremely camp and over the top,” Simon Doonan says. For more on England’s only Jewish prime minister, check out Tablet literary critic Adam Kirsch’s biography of Disraeli. [New Republic]