Daft Punk.(David Black)

Each year, the competition for the enduring song of the summer is a fierce one. Out of dance club doors and car windows, there’s almost always one jam that carries its way through the blur, giving the world its sweat-soaked soundtrack. This year, it came down to Robin Thicke’s Marvin Gaye-manque “Blurred Lines” and Daft Punk’s slightly more subdued but equally aspirational “Get Lucky“.

Amazingly, both songs feature Pharrell Williams, so suffice it to say, he’s having the best summer of them all. So how do we pick a winner? Well, the diffusion of a pop hit into a Rosh Hashanah parody song is a pretty good indication of a song’s staying power (or maybe an indication of how difficult it is to make puns from certain songs). For now, I’ll say that this Rosh Hashanah parody of “Get Lucky,” slyly called “Apples in Honey” gives Daft Punk a solid first place footing

I warn you on two counts: It’s both terrible and terribly catchy.