• Residents of Englewood, New Jersey, are bristling at word that Libyan President Moammar Gadhafi may set up camp in their town while he’s here for the U.N. General Assembly next month; his proposed lodgings are next door to the home of rabbi Shmuley Boteach, who weighs in: “I don’t want him as a neighbor.” [AP]
• Stanley Kaplan, the philanthropist and test-prep kingpin who said he grew fond of standardized tests after he couldn’t get into med school because of the “double whammy” of being Jewish and having attended a public college, died Sunday at age 90. [NYT]
• A skirmish at the Gaza border left one Palestinian dead and one Palestinian and one Israeli wounded. [Reuters]
• A Palestinian family that was evicted from its home in a disputed area by Jewish settlers earlier this month is now camping nearby; the community rallied around them for Ramadan. [Reuters]
• And Palestinian P.M. Salam Fayyad plans to develop infrastructure, creating a “de facto state apparatus” over the next two years. [Ynet]