'Real Taylor Swift Quotes.'(Pinterest)

It must be the Friday before Labor Day Weekend. The New York Post is reporting a new Pinterest board that takes the Internet’s two favorite topics (after cats), Taylor Swift and Hitler, and mashes them together. The Pinterest board in question is called Real Taylor Swift Quotes, and it features images of the saccharine singer alongside quotes attributed to her. But wait! They’re actually quotes by Hitler, which Pinterest user Pirate Emily admits to on her Twitter bio.

The strangest part, as the Post points out, is the positive reactions the pictures are getting from Swift fans—which seems to be precisely the goal of the prank (though in the Swifties’ defense, the pictures are innocuously tagged #sayings #quotes #taylorswift #swift #quote #truth #free #love).

One photo of Swift with a quote that reads “Do not compare yourself to others. If you do so, you are insulting everyone” has been repinned nearly 300 times. Of course, that wasn’t said by the “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” singer, it was the leader of the Third Reich. But one user posted in response “Your a genius” and another wrote “This is amazing!”

Pirate Emily also has Swift images with Stalin and Bin Laden quotes—as well as other Pinterest boards devoted to things like 4th of July Dessert and Bathroom Ideas.

The world remains a confusing place.