A view of a tunnel reportedly dug by Palestinians beneath the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel and recently uncovered by Israeli troops, on October 13, 2013.(DAVID BUIMOVITCH/AFP/Getty Images)

• A 1.5 mile-long tunnel stocked with explosives leading from Gaza into an Israeli kibbutz was discovered and dismantled by Israeli authorities. [JTA]

• Pope Francis will visit Israel with his longtime friend, Argentinian rabbi Abraham Skorka, in March. [Haaretz]

• Iran says they’re ready to enter negotiations about their nuclear program, but they won’t agree to ship any of their enriched uranium out of the country. [Times of Israel]

• The Israeli government is launching a new app called “You Ask, President Peres Answers,” in which President Shimon Peres, who notably created his own Facebook page while visiting Mark Zuckerberg at the Facebook headquarters, will respond to questions submitted by users. [Jerusalem Post]

• More than 1.95 billion euros of aid given by the European Union to Palestinian leaders since 2008 has reportedly been lost or misused. [Sunday Times]

• Convicted Nazi war criminal Erick Priebke, who was involved in the 1944 massacre of 335 people near Rome, died last week at 100. [AP]