• Mark Siegel, who wrote a New York Post op-ed explaining that he’s against health care reform because he follows “the Oath of Maimonides,” apparently didn’t realize that the 12th century rabbi, philosopher, and physician had already weighed in on the topic. [NYP]
• In an article about the tendency of Cholov Yisroel (kosher milk certified by a rabbi) to spoil quicker than its secular counterpart, an authority assures us it’s not because of the dinkiness of the dairies: “There’s no farm there that is just a Chasidic guy with a pail. They’re big farms.” [Jewish Star]
• At her concert in Tel Aviv last night, Madonna made out with a female dancer, and draped herself in an Israeli flag. Guess which stirred more ire? [Sky News]
• A burglar who swindled Brooklyn synagogues was arrested yesterday; previously, the rabbi at one of his marks pledged not to abandon the thief—who has “an apparent drug problem”—and to continue providing him with food and charity as before the robbery. [NYDN]
• Some rabbis in Israel are speaking out against Jews selling or renting their land to Arabs, saying that anyone who does so is “transgressing the commandment to love one’s neighbor like oneself” because non-Jews in the hood could hurt local property values. [JPost]