• The vehicle belonging to a senior prosecutor with Tel Aviv’s State Attorney’s Office who handles anti-mob cases exploded outside the office Thursday. No one was injured in the incident, which is being investigated as organized crime activity. [Times of Israel]

• Tablet contributor Ben Cohen examines the recent debate over anti-Semitism in Germany sparked by a conference at Berlin’s Jewish Museum, and finds many of the tropes of the discussion outdated. [Haaretz]

• John Kerry is extending his Middle East trip in the hopes that peace talks can be revived. [JTA]

• A look at Jerusalem institution Aish HaTorah. [Religion and Politics]

• The biggest test to Google’s privacy policy involves a Nazi sex party, because of course. [Bloomberg]

• El Bloombito, the popular Twitter account that parodies Mayor Bloomberg’s earnest, entertaining attempts at speaking Spanish during official events, gave an exit interview: “mi legacyo estan perfecto.” [BuzzFeed]