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L’affaire Dreyfus, Truman and Israel, Jews on Georgia’s mind

By THE EDITORS|September 8, 2009 10:41 AM

Wesley Yang reviews [1] a new history of the Dreyfus Affair that compares France’s treatment of Dreyfus to American treatment of the inmates at Guantánamo Bay. Adam Kirsch considers [2] a new book tracing Harry Truman’s consequential decision to recognize the state of Israel. Pamela Renner reveals [3] why the country of Georgia, for all its love of Jews, has only about 25 of them. Marjorie Ingall frets [4] about instilling a healthy attitude toward food in her children. Josh Lambert looks at [5] what Jewish-themed books are due out, as he does every week. And The Scroll [6] will provide numerous updates on the important and the fun, as it does every day.

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