Ragnar's Photohalla,(Flickr)

• French President Francois Hollande is heading to Israel Sunday for a high profile visit, which will include a meeting with Netanyahu about Iran. [Times of Israel]

• Among the targets of recent ‘knockout’ attacks in Crown Heights, in which teens punch people in the face seemingly at random, are Orthodox Jews, leading the NYPD to investigate the attacks as a potential hate crime. [Gothamist]

• Brooklyn’s Hebrew Language Academy Charter School received an F on a citywide evaluation report, along with 23 other New York City elementary and middle schools. [JTA]

• The rumors that Andy Kaufman faked his own death in 1984 were refueled Monday night at the Andy Kaufman Awards, when Kaufman’s brother Michael said the comedian was still alive and brought onstage a woman claiming to be his daughter. [Hollywood Reporter]

• So this is what it looks like when a bunch of women recreate that scene from When Harry Met Sally at Katz’s Deli. [Vulture]

• Why watch Duck Dynasty when you could watch Schmuck Dynasty? [Jewcy]