American singer Matisyahu is seen in Jerusalem's Old City on March 8, 2012, during his three-day visit to shoot a new music video. (GALI TIBBON/AFP/GettyImages)

Matisyahu may have famously declared “No more Hasidic reggae superstar” on that fateful day in 2011 he sheared his long hair and peyot, but he hasn’t exactly found a solid footing in the wider music world in the intervening two years (See: “King Without a Beard,” David Meir Grossman’s dispatch from his tour this past summer). So it’s no surprise, really, that he’s returning to classics: Hanukkah, and his appeal as a reggae-singing Jewish dude.

Here’s his new Hanukkah iPad app for kids, featuring a new song, “Happy Hanukkah.” Matisyahu, still more Jewish than Drake:

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