The so-called Crogel.(Facebook)

If the Cronut—the now trademarked croissant/donut combination that made New Yorkers lose their minds with excitement this summer—wasn’t exactly your thing, don’t worry—the next pastry craze is (maybe) here. Stew Leonard’s, that beloved, haimish Connecticut and parts-of-New-York grocery chain, has announced their own new hybrid creation, the Crogel.

“We shape croissant dough into the size of a bagel, then kettle boil and hearth baked it. Crispy on the outside..buttery and flaky inside!” the store explained on their Facebook page.

Yes, they have created a mutant croissant bagel. Yes, it is confusing, and a little disturbing. Yes, I agree there’s no need to mess with perfection (on either end). Yes, I am intrigued. Fine, I will try one.