Scene from 'Cannon Fodder.'(YouTube)

I’m really sorry, Zombeavers. You were totally going to be my favorite zombie movie of 2014, mainly because you are about zombie beavers who terrorize attractive young people in a cabin in the woods. But that was before I saw the trailer for Cannon Fodder, which is an Israeli movie about four IDF commandoes who infiltrate Lebanon to stop a zombie epidemic unleashed by Hezbollah.

How great is Cannon Fodder going to be? Here’s all you need to know: when shooting a zombie early on in the film, one of the brave Israeli he-men looks at the creature’s exposed entrails and quips what is probably the greatest line in any horror movie ever: “Looks like kishke. Cholent for Shabbat.”

I don’t need anything else, and I can’t wait to see Cannon Fodder, which, hopefully, will find American distribution soon.