Jerry Seinfeld’s web series, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, may have finally met its match. Pedestrians in Bars Eating Toffee is the best parody we’ve seen yet, and is—forgive me, Jerry—actually funnier than the original. (Is the original supposed to be funny? I still don’t entirely get it.)

Episode 1 features friend-of-Tablet Samuel Goldberg fielding questions like “Best walk you’ve ever taken by yourself?” from a Seinfeld-esque Gabe Oppenheim, while the two crack down on some toffee in a bar.

It’s actually a lot more entertaining to listen to two 20-somethings discuss their walking habits than it is to hear Seinfeld’s overzealous car talk. Plus I feel like I have a lot of pedestrian-related questions and never any discernible outlet for them.