The story of Sam Sommer, the dynamic young son of Rabbis Phyllis and Michael Sommer, captivated and moved readers who followed along with Superman Sam, the blog that chronicled Sam’s battle with pediatric cancer. Sam died of leukemia in December 2013—just over 103 days ago—but his legacy continues to inspire, and motivate, those around him.

Though the initial plan for the Shave for the Brave fundraiser was to get an auspicious 36 rabbis to participate in Sam’s honor, more than 70 reform rabbis have pledged to shave their heads for donations to St. Baldricks Foundation, an organization which raises money for pediatric cancer research. The fundraiser, organized by Rabbi Rebecca Schorr, has so far raised $495,686—or 91 percent of its $540,000 goal. The group will shave their heads en masse on April 1 at the Central Conference of American Rabbis convention in Chicago.

The project’s website describes the group as “Thirty-six slightly-meshugene, but very devoted rabbis who are yearning to do something. We couldn’t save Sammy; perhaps, though, we can save others like him. And spare other parents like Phyllis and Michael from the pain of telling their child that there is nothing that the doctors can do to save his life.”

You can donate to the effort here.